Trauma Trust is providing a Safe Driving program for Pierce County Schools and Families.

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The #1 killer of young people in America is distracted and reckless driving. Almost 4,000 teens lose their lives every year and 400,000 are seriously injured in car crashes. Sixty percent are passengers

It takes only 50 hours of supervised behind the wheel experience for a teen to get a California driver’s license, a mere 6 of which are behind the wheel with a certified instructor. A manicurist must complete 400 hours under supervision to be licensed in the state of California!

Having passengers is a serious distraction for teen drivers. Carrying 3 or more passengers may increase the risk of a crash for 16 and 17 year olds by four-fold                                                            over the rate of crashes when driving alone.

Impact Teen Drivers is found in schools across California, and nationwide, as an education program which reveals the real dangers and consequences of distracted

and reckless driving. The essence of the messaging is ‘good decision making’ for both drivers and passengers of all ages.

Our goal is to stop the #1 killer of young people in America—reckless and distracted driving. Impact Teen Drivers focuses on connecting with teens and parents on an emotional or visceral level. We do not use graphic or gory details as our research has shown that connecting with teens on an emotional level makes long-term attitude and behavior change.


  • ŽSchool assemblies, workshops for teens and parents, training for teachers, community members, and school resource officers
  • ŽProfessional videos with an effective mix of facts, humor, and real stories of teens who lost their lives to distracted driving
  • ŽTeen-hosted webisodes with a fun slant on serious distraction issues and common habits that become deadly
  • ŽDiscussion questions for group dialogue or individual projects
  • ŽPeer-to-peer messaging on posters, t-shirts, wheels, and more
  • ŽTeen website with discussion board, videos, and contests


  • Personal story video educating tweens about being a good passenger
  • Discussion questions for thought-provoking dialogue as passengers
  • Interactive activities to add visuals and fun to the facts
  • Posters & Wheel of Death to emphasize danger of common habits
  • Suggestions for being a good passenger so the driver can drive


  • Passenger Power curriculum with superhero ‘Captain Power’ and his Passenger Pets
  • Activity pages and coloring sheets to teach good behavior in a vehicle
  • Role playing activities to identify what is right v. wrong car behavior
  • Question & Answer outlines to empower young passengers

Join Trauma Trust and Impact Teen Driver, 

 Help Us Stop the #1 Killer of Young People in America-

Reckless and Distracted Driving! 

To schedule a class, presentation or have if you have any questions.

Please contact — Julie Rabeau,

 Injury Prevention & Trauma Education Coordinator
Trauma Trust | Trauma and Surgical Services

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