shutterstock_159884054Each September as we enter the fall season, Trauma Trust in association with the Pierce County Fall Prevention Coalition hosts informational fairs to raise community awareness of the contributing factors to older adult falls. Trauma Trust and the Pierce County Fall Prevention Coalition are joining forces with the National Council on Aging and the Falls Free Coalition to celebrate Older Adult Fall Prevention. This year’s national theme is “Take a Stand to Prevent Falls”. National Fall Prevention Day will be observed on September 22, 2018. To join the buzz on social media use the hashtag #FPAD15.

Why is this important? Older adult falls are the number 1 mechanism of injury for our trauma service and the numbers continue to climb. In 2013 the trauma service saw 475 older adult falls and in the first 3 quarters of 2014 371 seniors were evaluated. Every year in the United States 1 out of 3 seniors, 65 years of age and older, will fall. Once an older adult has fallen they have a 70% chance of falling again and with each fall the risk of significant injury increases. In Pierce County the incidence of older adult falls is rising dramatically and the number of fatal falls has almost doubled in the last 9 years. Planning has begun for this year’s events in Pierce County.

On September 13, 2018 the Pierce County Falls Prevention Coalition will hold our Annual event. Agencies throughout Pierce County will be on hand to provide helpful information and participants will enjoy a demonstration of a SAIL (Stay Active Independent Living) class.

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