Trauma Trust Administration

Administration and Business Office
Phone: (253) 403-7537
Fax: (253) 403-7539


Paul Inouye, MD
Medical Director
[email protected]
(253) 403-7537

Karen Abbott
Business & Operations Manager
Trauma Trust
[email protected]
(253) 403-7537

Paulesh Shah, MD

Associate Medical Director, Tacoma General Hospital

[email protected]

Jamison Nielsen, DO

Associate Medical Director, St. Joseph Medical Center

[email protected]

Jane Edwards-Harrington
Office Coordinator
[email protected](253) 403-7537

Julie A. Rabeau, RN, EMSRN
Injury Prevention Educator & Outreach Coordinator
Trauma Conference POC
[email protected]

Kirsten White, CPC
Coding & Billing
(253) 403-7537

Carolynn Morris, RN, MN
Division Director, Trauma Services – VM-FH
[email protected]

Frank Darlak, BSN, RN
Director, Trauma Program – Tacoma General Hospital
[email protected]

Patti DeRusha
Trauma Registry Coordinator
St. Joseph Medical Center

Betsy Harris
Registry Coordinator
Tacoma General Hospital

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